Objectiva Brings PMPH’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Books to the iPad

Objectiva Brings PMPH’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Books to the iPad

Interactive Apps Enable Search and Vibrant Exploration of Chinese Medicine

Encinitas, CA – March 4, 2013 – Objectiva Software Solutions today announced that it has released a new iPad app for traditional Chinese medicine. Applying Objectiva’s newest in-house mobile technology, Objectiva has enabled the prestigious People’s Medical Publishing House (PMPH) turn their existing medical books into dynamic, beautiful iPad apps.

PMPH’s books are the most trusted source of medical materials, especially for serious students of Chinese medicine. PMPH’s Traditional Chinese Medicine books are celebrated throughout China for their rich content and detailed physiological imagery.

Objectiva used its mobile publishing technology to develop an iPad app called “TCM Books” that vibrantly displays all of the visual medical content in the most accurate manner. The app includes interactive features to take the reader’s experience beyond text and images. Readers can take notes and conduct optimized searches throughout PMPH’s various medical books. For example, readers can easily find information about treatments of common ailments such as migraines and asthma in a breeze.

Objectiva’s fast and easy navigation design, provides users with a smoother experience when exploring e-books on acupuncture, foot massage, plum blossom needle therapy and the other various traditional Chinese medical treatments.

PMPH and its symbol of the highest quality and authoritative content in traditional Chinese medicine books can now be easily shared with readers throughout the world. The “TCM Books” app, currently with 14 books and another 100 more on the way this year, is in the Apple App Store, ready to be downloaded to iPads worldwide as a vital resource for Chinese TCM experts and learners across the globe.

About People’s Medical Publishing House (PMPH)
People’s Medical Publishing House (PMPH) has maintained the leading position in medical publication in China. For over half a century, PMPH has set up a vast wealth of medical publications, including books, periodicals, and digital products. It has become the most important medical publishing base in China. It is also the only World Health Organization (WHO) collaborating center for the promotion and translation of WHO publications in China.

PMPH has published more than 30 thousand books and printed over 670 million copies. It publishes 1000 new titles and distributes more than 10 million copies annually. Total sales reach more than 800 million RMB per year. PMPH has continually led the way in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) book publication throughout Asia. In the past 50 years it has published a total of 1400 TCM books, including 300 classical Chinese medical texts.

About Objectiva Software
Objectiva Software Solutions is a leading provider of software outsourcing services from China. Objectiva’s teams have been delivering projects and building dedicated Offshore Development Centers in China since 2001. With offices in San Diego, Boston, Beijing and Xian, China, Objectiva helps clients develop customized enterprise software solutions, web based and client-server applications, and software for the wireless Internet. Objectiva’s teams are run by U.S. based technical leaders with several years of experience in managing global software development efforts to take the burden off the client. Objectiva reduces the cost of software development without sacrificing quality, on-time delivery and time-to-market. For more information, please contact info@objectivasoftware.com.

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